CD-Writing was: Re: (preliminary) announce: gnome (un)packing tool


> I would actually like the MC's vfs code to be enhanced to support
> read/write external file systems instead of read-only ones.  That way
> creating a new package would simply be a matter of tagging the files
> and copying it to the new destination: zip:/tmp/

while reading this and having in mind that I just made a backup on CD I
got an idea:

Is it possible to enhance mc to handle CD-writing. You would open a new
image file e.g. with iso9660:/xyz and copy all files you want to have on
CD into it. You would get a new menuentry, where you can set the various
iso9660/RR options, and a burn button ...

If it although could handle the joliet file system, Multi session, Audio
CD, Quick CD Copy, ... this would be the greatest app in the world.


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