Confused by all the m4

When I gnome-utils ( after a cvs -z9 update gnome-utils ),
it complains that AM_PROG_LEX is unknown.  I did a grep 'AM_PROG_LEX'
`find / -name "*.m4"` and found a DE_FUN of it in
/usr/lib/share/acspecific.m4 ( or some minor variation there-of ). 
Can anybody point me to what stupid thing I have done to stop this
file being read?

Thanks in advance.

I've so-far had two trouble-shooting Q's answered here.  Is there a
troubleshooting FAQ for those trying to compile this stuff.  If I
write one, where should I add it ( gnome/doc/faq.trouble? ).

So far, I know the solution for:

1) Can't find gnome-libs.po
2) ** Bad Match **
3) can't find AM_GTK ...
3) AM_PROG_LEX ( when some-one tells me ).

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