Re: Bounce a few ideas off

On Tue, 21 Apr, 1998 at 08:19:38PM -0500, Kenneth R. Kinder set free these words:
>  * RPM GUI Builder type program

I think Marc is working on something of the sort -- you might just have missed
a discussion here on where that's going....

>  * DocBook IDDE (Integrated Document Development Environment) <grin>
This could be interesting.  Not essential, but definitely worth doing -- I
think the biggest gain for people used to programming/using html/other DTDs
would be a good embedded tag reference.  So when I write "vi" and need to find
the tag that means "This is a program name" I can find it easier....

>  * System utilities converted to GNOME
Hmmm... If you think a GUI will make these things more intuitive for a newbie,
sure, go ahead....  I'm not sure a GUI is the answer to everything (on the
other hand, norton disk doctor is certainly a lot more inviting than fsck....)

Something to remember, (maybe when prioritizing which to do first) is which
apps are likely to be run by a newbie and which are just automated and which
won't have X available when run (fsck -- mostly automated.  When the user
actually invokes it, it's likely X wont' be available..)

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