Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

> I don't know that you can use the current gnome libraries with out gtk (I
> believe gtk is tied to it pretty closely.  -- What is the dividing line
> between libgnome and libgnomeui, by the way?)  But if an app that used Harmony
> as its toolkit provided all relevant GNOME services (talked to other GNOME
> CORBA services when appropriate, followed the gnome style guidelines, etc) I
> don't see why it shouldn't.
> [By authoritative answer, are you asking for Miguel's blessing or just
> wondering whether anyone can come up with a reason it should/shouldn't?]

 Well, at this stage I would just like to know what the view of the Gnome
people is on non-gtk widget sets and Gnome. So I'd like either for noone
to raise any objections, or for a few people to object but for someone
important in Gnome to say that other widget sets than gtk can be used if
they fit the look and feel guidelines.

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