Re: Install program

>> This won't happen.  At least not in grpm.  It'd need to be suid
>> root to do that, and there is no way I'm going to do that :-).  If
>> you want to install as root, you'll need to su and then run grpm.
>> Or, you can implement any policy you like with sudo.

Actually, you can do it without making grpm suid.  The way you can do
this is to ask the user for a password (his own if using sudo, root's
if using su) and then use `expect' to run the appropriate command
(e.g., "sudo rpm -i ...").  Your expect script would send the password
the user typed when (if) prompted.

This works fine and doesn't require suid.  It will only work if the
user has legitimate root access.

Of course, you still have to worry about hiding the root password
while still managing to get it into an expect script somehow, so there
are still plenty of details to get right.


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