Re: GNOME Start Script

Marc Ewing wrote:
> Tom Tromey <> writes:
> > However, the session manager does not yet start a window manager.
> > Adding that is trivial, but I don't know how to decide which one to
> > start.  Note that this is only relevant to the default configuration,
> > so adding a way to configure this is overkill (since the user can
> > switch once and things ought to work correctly from then on).
> You're right, it probably is overkill.  But, a little applet that
> kept track of what wm was running and allowed to kill it and start
> another one via a menu would be cool.  But that's another story...

Isn't this somewhat in line with being able to configure the
session manager to startup non-SM aware applications.  Since, if
I'm not mistaken netscape for example is not session aware.  At
least under KDE it couldn't be restarted by its session manager. 
BTW, I haven't looked at gsm in a while so forgive me if this
feature is currently included.  A WM is just another application
as far as X is concerned.


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