Re: C++


I've been watching the postings on C++ for some time, and I think that
some of the more religious C / ObjC / Guile fans are missing the point
about C++.  They may have sound reasons for using other languages, and
for disliking C++.

However, C++ is used by a very large number of programmers, *especially*
those coming from a Windows or other GUI development backgrounds.  I have
no problem with people using their, but the amount of anti-C++ rhetoric on
this list (ie "C++ doesn't need to be supported"  style comments) will end
up pushing some developers away from Gnome (especially when KDE is IMHO
overly pro-C++).  I think we need to encourage people to develop for Gnome
whichever language they prefer to use, rather than telling them to learn a
new language. 

BTW, claiming that templates are a Bad Thing because g++ etc can't compile
them well is not a good argument against C++ (though it is a good reason
for not using g++, and indeed for not using templates in Gnome until a
better C++ compiler comes out).


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