Re: Gnome/RedHat Questions

Martin Baulig <> writes:
> You may install the packages in this order if you say 'rpm --force
> - --nodeps' but you cannot build them this way:

> I think there is nothing missing, not even in the RPMS. The question is
> only that they have to be compiled/installed in a particular order - this
> should be documented a little bit better.

If you have all the RPM ready to install you can just do `rpm -i *'
and RPM will do things in any required order.

Building is a little different - you do have to know a little
bit about what requires what to compile, but it's not too hard.
I think this will work:

1) gtk+
2) imlib
3) gnome-libs
4) gnome-obj, gnome-guile, mico
5) everything else


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