Re: Small gmc bug:

On Mon, 20 Apr, 1998 at 09:26:05PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza set free these words:
> > What desktop-folder?  Do you mean if I drag an icon onto the desktop?  What if
> > I don't drag an icon onto the desktop?  
> The `Home directory' folder should appear on your desktop the first
> time you run gmc.  Some buggy versions of gmc created half of the
> files required for this to work, so this might be the reason you are
> not getting the `Home directory' icon.
> Type: rm -rf ~/desktop and start gmc again.
Ah -- that helps :-)  However -- I'm still allowed to delete the home_dir icon
nad then I have no way to get to the gmc process again....  Are you against
having some icon on the desktop that always exists as long as gmc is running?

Another solution that might be okay, is if reinvoking gmc when a gmc is
running pops up a window connected to the prexisting gmc process.  Will this
happen once gmc is CORBA aware?  (I would still rather have some reminder that
there is a gmc process running -- otherwise I could have the process running
even when I think I've got it shutdown....)


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