Re: Small gmc bug:

On Mon, 20 Apr, 1998 at 05:49:59PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza set free these words:
> > What if you accidently close the last window?  Are you expected to go
> > find the pid and kill it?
> You can always double click on a desktop-folder, this will bring a
> fresh and healthy mc window where you can select 'exit'.
What desktop-folder?  Do you mean if I drag an icon onto the desktop?  What if
I don't drag an icon onto the desktop?  Perhaps gmc should place an icon on
the dektop when it starts that gives you access to "crucial functionality" --
killing the app and help, for instance.  This icon would be on the desktop as
long as gmc was running.

> > What benefit does holding the app open with no windows give you?
> The file manager also happens to be part of the desktop environment,
> it is the one that keeps track of the icons on the desktop, and soon
> will also take care of the launchable items in the panel.
So the filemanager is a "desktop server"?

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