Re: Icons, hiding FS and the desktop

"Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn" <> writes:

> > I think this is better than an extra .directory tree cause it is
> > better controlled what will be located where (not from the users point 
> > of view, he should not be aware of this, but from the sysadmins point
> > of view). Also a new user have not to first link everythink to his
> > desktop (and locate this everything first in the directory structure)
> > but when he installs gnome and starts it, he at once will see
> > everything which is in his home (and maybe also all in the database
> > known programs located in a special programs folder on this new
> > desktop from where the user can move them where he wants them to be).
> 	I'm not sure how useful this is.  An experienced sys-admin will
> probably want to setup what beginning users see.  We do this here at

But why would a sysadmin do this? He want be able to get control of
which programs may be used by a user. He want to make sure a new user
canīt do much damage and he wantīs an easy to use desktop for the
newbi. I think with my described desktop all this is fullfilled and
the sysadmin no longer wants to do such a setup. And still you can
keep a .skel dir from which some things are copied to the users home
so the sysadmin is able to influence the thing a bit.

Until the next mail...,

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