Re: Install program

On 19 Apr 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

> Marc> I'm working on "grpm" right now.
> Marc> Eventually it'll have a nice little drop target so you can drag
> Marc> stuff from gmc and grpm will handle all the dependency resultion
> Marc> (ie, locating other requires RPMs) and installation.
> I think double-clicking on an RPM in gmc should start the tool in this
> mode.  That way it really will be like InstallShield -- only better.
> Ideally the tool could be modified for use with Debian packages as
> well.  I'm not saying this is a requirement, just that it would be
> good if the hooks existed...

	But what if you're not root?  As far as I'm concerned, there are
deep issues involved in installing software.  As far as I'm concerned,
software should be compiled and tested by a user, but installed by root.  

	Usually, I download a tar.gz file and put it in a directory off my
account.  Then I compile it, test it for a while, decide if I want it...
And then install it.  (The final step as root.)  RPM removes that to some
extent in that I just install it as root right away.

	But what should my users be allowed to do?  Many of them already
keep small utilities they like to run.  I had a friend who kept mwm in his
home directory for unknown reasons...  

	How is this problem being solved?


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