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From: Tony 'Merc' Mobily <>
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Date: Sonntag, 19. April 1998 16:26
Subject: Re: Icons of program

>At 10:29 AM 4/19/98 -0400, wrote:
>>if you use the thumbnail viewer, check in ~/.ee/icons/
>>u'll proly find form that dir on it will build a miror of your filing
>>system - so if you have a thumbnail for a picture:
>>a thumbnail exists in:
>Yep, it works definetly better :-)
>But there is still a problem: if I do "cp", and I change the location of
>the file, what happens to the icon?
>I admit I've been thinking about it for quite a while, without finding a
>solution. The "more elegant" idea would be to put stuff in the executable,
>but it would be too ridicolus.
>Then... arghhh...
>Shall we give up, and stop hoping to keep the reference to the icon after a
>damn "cp"? :-|

What about storing the Icons in some kind of database ?
You could store filename + size + some bytes or so ... (something to
the program / picture / whatever)

 - you don't have 100's of files in your home-dir
 - you could move the files, without loosing the icon
 - you could easily compile icon packages, with some standart icons ...
 - you must program the database :)
 - you need to build some tools for in/output


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