GNOME logo contest is back

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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 01:47:50 -0700
From: Manish Singh <>
Subject: [gimp-devel] ANNOUNCE: GIMP Contest returns!

Huzzah! The contest page is back! And there was great rejoicing!

I've been quite busy (guess why) which was the reason for the long delay.
I still haven't decided on a new topic, but we need to get the voting
started for the gnome logo. We'll see who's the lucky winner of that

Anyway, here's the deal: there were far too many entries this time for
people to do a fair voting, especially over slow links. So the
and people got together and did an initial voting round to filter
down the entries for the final vote.

We chose the finalists based on good logo criteria, so there are some
entries, which, although they aren't finalists, are still amazing pieces
of gimp artwork. I encourage you to view the full extent of submissions
at your leisure.

- -Yosh

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