Re: Newbie Alert: configure: error: Can not find a Gtk 0.99.1 ?

You need a newer version of gtk.

Since you're running redhat-5, why don't you try the daily snapshot rpms
available from:*

On Wed, 15 Apr, 1998 at 06:50:04PM +0000, Robert L. Harris set free these words:
> OK,
>   I'm trying to install gnome on my RedHat5 system.  When building the
> gnome-libs
> package I'm getting this:
> configure: error: Can not find a Gtk 0.99.1 
> durring the "configure" portion.  I have These installed:
> gtk-0.99.970925-3
> gtk-devel-0.99.970925-3
> according to rpm -q -a | grep -i gtk.  I also have 
> gtk+-1.0.0 built  and installed.  ldconfig -v sees the
> gtk files.  
> Anyone know what I"m missing?  Also, I can't do the cvs 
> from here.  I'm behind a firewall that allows ftp and http access only.
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