mico and gnome-core again


The suggestion was made that I reconfigure mico with the option
--disable-mini-stl.  So I removed my previous installation, and rebuilt
mico with the suggested option.  I then reinstalled it, and tried to
build gnome-core again.  I got the same result as before...a slew of
errors due to function declaration conflicts.   I'm not certain what the
problem is.  I seem to be having trouble with templates.  My egcs
installation doesn't appear to like seeing both of these declarations.

Any idea what the problem could be?

inline char* copy(const char* first, const char* last, char* result) {
  memmove(result, first, last - first);
  return result + (last - first);

inline wchar_t* copy(const wchar_t* first, const wchar_t* last,
                     wchar_t* result) {
  memmove(result, first, sizeof(wchar_t) * (last - first));
  return result + (last - first);

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