Gimp `DB Browser' needs...

 [ Is this the appropriate list? ]

 I'm reading and following the `gimp' tutorials which are accessible
via its [Extns | Web Browser] menu, and am having trouble locating the
plug-ins the tutorial authors mention, which presumably, are
*someplace* among the `gimp' menus.

 I realize that the tutorial authors cannot hard code the menu
locations into their web pages, since they (and the menus) might
move[1] after the tutorial page has been written.  There has to be a
way to ask `gimp' to locate it.

 The [Xtns | DB Browser] does that, almost.  It ought to display where
on the menu a guy can find a thing.  I really enjoy using XEmacs, with
`F1-m', `hyper-apropos', `F1-k' and the dynamic key hints in the
extensive menus.  The `M-x' feature is wonderful also.

 I would like it if `gimp' had `M-x', and if the `DB Browser' would
*display the menu location and key-bindings* of those commands.
Something like the auto-teach-commands feature of XEmacs should be
part of Gimp also, to go along with the `M-x' thing.

 Will the text area in the right-hand frame be replaced with the HTML
widget?  Then people could write a `here' document into their scripts,
with special tags, like `eperl', `mhtml', `wml', or just plain shell
`here' documents have, that get filled in prior to sending them
through to the html display widget, the way key-binds are filled into
doc-strings in XEmacs.

 I've a feeling these things have been planned or thought of
previously.  Am I right?  I wish I could help you code it.  Maybe in a
few years I will.

[1]  move... of their own accord.  Scheme is an AI language.  That sort
     of thing can actually happen, at least in theory, once everything's
     all programmed.

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