Re: little problem with *building* RPMs

Upgrade the Package rpm on your RH-4.2 to a newer version.
ps: sorry for posting with virus-95 I'm on work:-(
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Betreff: little problem with *building* RPMs

>Dudes, I'm about to put out a new set of DocBook RPMs (finally!), and
>I am running in to a little problem and a worry.
>The laptop I am using for my 3 months in Europe is running RedHat 5,
>and I am building the RPMs on that machine.
>The *problem* is that when I go install the RPMs on a RedHat 4.2
>machine, I get messages like:
>failed dependencies:
>        /bin/sh is needed by stylesheets-0.2-0
>        /bin/sh   is needed by stylesheets-0.2-0
>Has anyone seen this?  Is there a way of *building* the packages that
>will work around it?  I don't think users should have to use the
>--nodeps option.
>The *worry* is that RedHat 4.x users will run in to binary
>compatibility problems because of glibc versus old-linux-libc.
>Any advice?
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