Gimp Error with RPMS

I mentioned this is passing yesterday, but the problem persists, so:

Since I started using gtk+ from the snapshot rpms, the gimp has not
worked.  When I start it up I get the error:

gimp: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info

I'm using the very latest snapshots (gtk1.0.0) and gimp .26.  The gimp
RPMS I'm using are apparent compiled with egcs; what are the gtk+ rpms
compiled with?  Could using different compilers here make a difference? 
If anyone has similiar experiences or other info about what might be
unique about the snapshot rpms, let me know so I can give as much info as
possible to the gimp folks.


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| Network Technician              | Voice: (803) 734-7000        |
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