Re: An alternative to MDI / new WM feature ?

Hi !

> ->  > actually most of what you say is infact a window-manager issue.. one
> ->  > which I hope to address in Enlightenment after the 0.14 rewrite. I
> ->  > and considering ways of having virtual desktops AND allow you to
> ->  > drag one infront/behind the other... :) I COULD do this in X if I

There's another WM / X related thing I wanted to ask for some time: 
Macintosh does this for ages, and Win 98 does it, too: Multiple monitor
support. Thanks to the PCI slots in PC (and the slots in older macs) you
can put more than one videoboard into those computers, and connect a
monitor to all of them. Now you can have a connected desktop on all
these monitors, you can even drag a window to the border, to show one
half of it on one monitor, and the other half on the other monitor. On
Macintosh it is even possible to run both boards on a different
colordepth, i.e. use the built-in bw-monitor of older compact macs for
toolboxes, and a 21" RGB-Monitor for graphics.

Some newer developments in Linux, for example GGI, allow to control more
than one videoboard, and you can launch an X-server on every board.

Now the question: Would an Window-manager be able to connect to more
than one X-server, and to join the screens into one big desktop ? Would
this require additional work with the widget-set ?

					Jens Ch. Restemeier

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