Re: g++ being dorky (was C++ rants)

    Zach> On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
    >> Yeah, I have noticed templates.  To compile some Mico source
    >> files (which makes use of templates to some extent) you need 48
    >> megs of ram.

    Zach> on my 90meg alpha it got about 140meg into swap before
    Zach> finishing..

    Zach> is this g++ being dirt stupid or is sucking up half the
    Zach> memory on the planet the only way to get it compiled?

I think you can get a *lot* of milage by using the g++ that comes with 
egcs: g++ has evolved a lot sine 2.7, and I think that 2.8 does not
have it all.

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