Re: panel (could be imlib?) problems

   ->  i get this when running the panel. i'm guessing it has something to do
   ->  with a missing program imlib uses? i remember seeing some
   ->  "IMLIB_CONVERT is " when configuring imlib. do i need imagemagick?

   hint: install libpng, or instlall imagemagick
   bettrer to install libpng.

   I think form now on we should make libpng, libtiif, libgif, libjpeg and
   libz compulsory for gnomem - that will stop problems liek this...
   anyone disagree for GOOD reasons?

Actually, aside from requiring these libs, I think that we should
implement a image codec interface(it could just be the Imlib
interface).  Then people stick .so files in a plug-ins directory and
Imlib would load them and dynamically know the types of files it can
handle.  This way, when a new magic format needs to be added someone
can just download a new image codec.  Even more importantly, when some
non-forward thinking company, releases a proprietary image format
someone can write a non-free codec and you can drop it in.

This paradigm can be extended to other things as well, such as movie
and audio codecs.

What do people think?

Manish Vachharajani 		            <>
Rutgers University	
Telecommunications Division   
Systems Programmer

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