Re: A try at GNOME MDI

Okay -- I can't resist.

I don't particularly like MDI, but there is one thing I like less.
Namely, programs that put a half-dozen windows on my screen.  This trend
seems to be particularly prevalent in UNIX mail programs, but can be found
everywhere (including, alas, the Gimp).  What I really like is "modal"
applications.  For what I mean by this, see pine.  I fully recognize that
I seem to be about the only person in the world that likes this, but I
have noticed that novice users tend to agree with me.

More importantly, remember that (as near as I can tell), Gnome is supposed
to be accessible to average users.  Multiple windows without MDI only
really make sense when you use a virtual wm, which many average users find

Finally, I think configurability is a GREAT idea; its also a UNIX idea. 
I'm not sure how you could fit a "modal" metaphor into that, but give me
my dreams :)....  As for MDI vs. !MDI, you could do this pretty easily,
and I highly recommend it.

(Qualifications note: in a previous job, I spent several years refining an
X based environment for use by 5000+ college students.  65% of my users
were business majors with no significant computer background.  I know what
worked then and what I had to trim down to make it comprehensible.  I
highly recommend pine as an inspiration for user interface.  It is simple,
powerful, and gets more powerful the longer I use it.  Furthermore, a
literate hamster can figure it out in under 10 minutes.)


J. Patrick Narkinsky | God doesn't like intellectual slackers any
                     | better than he likes any other kind of slacker.
                     |                          - C.S. Lewis

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