Re: Guile Problems

Martin Baulig <baulig@Stud.Informatik.Uni-Trier.DE> writes:

> > After installing a new version of libguile you need to reconfigure
> > gnome-guile so that it can adapt to it.
> > 
> >     rm config.cache; ./configure <your favorite options>
> > 
> Well, I did a 'make maintainer-clean', removed all old guiles from /usr
> and /usr/local, did a 'cvs -z9 update' and ./ Same error
> occured.
> Maybe there's something wrong with my guile snapshot?

No, I don't think so.  Looks more like I gave inadequate instructions.
The guile-gtk subdir of gnome-guile contains its own configure file
and stuff and you should make sure that you remove
"guile-gtk/config.cache" as well, etc.

Hmm, wrong again, I think.  The configure in guile-gtk/ uses the
toplevel config.cache, no?  I'm confused now.  Better keep my mouth

But I'm pretty sure that guile-gtk can deal with the
scm_regular_string problem.

Hrmph, big help that, sorry,

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