How about specifying Gnome Compliancy levels?

It just occured to me (whilst chatting to somebody about text-file
config vs corba config) that there is a lot of stuff that people may not
want to get into just to make a program 'gnome compliant'.

I.e. people may want to take advantage of the desktop look-and-feel
without having to care about learning CORBA or being dependent on some
of the base libraries...

Why don't we solve this by specifying 'levels' of gnome compliancy.
We could do this directly, i.e.

Gnome compliency Level 0: Reads the text config files and acts on them
Gnome Compliancy level 1: Uses GTK
Gnome compliancy level 2: Reads config information from the gnome config
service object

Or we could just have flashy names for the bits we hold dear to the
project and people could list off what they support ( the micro$oft
marketing machine..)

I.e. supports 'Remote Config Architecture', 'Desktop StateSave' etc..

That way it becomes less of an 'all or nothing' scenario and people can
implement what they like, whilst becoming encouraged to try out the
funky stuff in the future..

Just a thought,


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