Re: RPMS of Daily Snapshots of GNOME CVS Available!

Excuse me if I'm a bit behind the times, I'm catching up with email
after taking a vacation so I might not have seen some relevant tidbit
yet but --
There does not appear to be a /pub/devel on

Is something wrong?

Also, would it be possible to add mico to the packages that you're getting
from the source tree and compiling?  compiling mico is a bit painful on
my machine.  (Hey raster!  I'm still running 8bpp -- although my monitor
is on the fritz -- no red -- so I'm thinking of switching to greyscale :-)

On Thu, 02 Apr, 1998 at 03:43:24PM -0500, Michael Fulbright set free these words:
> RHAD Labs is happy to announce the creation of an archive of RPMS of the
> GNOME CVS snapshots. Each day the CVS tree is checked out and binary
> and source RPMS are created. These are available at
> The latest/ directory has the new snapshot, and the other directories
> are dated with the time the snapshot was taken.
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