Re: Brainstorm: Desktop

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, David Faure wrote:

> The file ~/.kde/share/config/kfmrc contains :
> # KDE Config File
> [Paths]
> Trash=/home/dfaure/Desktop/Trash/      - the Trash, on the Desktop.
> Desktop=/home/dfaure/Desktop/          - the Desktop dir, with
>                                          anything on the desktop
> Templates=/home/dfaure/Templates/      - for new files
> Autostart=/home/dfaure/Autostart/      - apps started when kfm is started.

Ewww, winbloat format configure files.  I'm not the kind that thinks that
if m$ does it it must be bad, but the bloatOS configure files really are


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