Okay.. well I just committed some last changes... basically I've
finished writing some documentation for EE - shoudl have enough docs
for most people to be able to use it and know what's going on.

I'm now going to get back on working on GTK themes. I'm leaving EE to
be open-slather for anyone who wants to add features, or whatever.
Please feel free to do so. It's all GPL and all yours to play with as
you like. i may come back in future to do soem stuff some of the things
I will do once I put support in Imlib:

* Saving as multiple formats (really needs Imlib support for "sane"
* Printing (will use the aboce mutliple format save to save as poscript
then just exec lpr to print)
* Grabbing (needs Imlib again to go form X drawable -> Imlib Image)
* Zoomtool to zoom in ot a small part and scroll around and examine
pixel values etc. (needs Imlib suport for rendering selected regions of
an Imlib image).

Things that don't need Imlib, but that I'd like to do:

* Algorithms (blur, sharpen, de-spepcle, etc. etc. etc.)
* Categorization of Images (I have some stuff already in list.c for
this) so you can dynamically create Image categories and then slect
which categories the Image int he Image List belongs to (can belong to
multiple categories like "Fantasy" and "Dragon" if the Image contains a
Dragon.. or maybe "Supermodels" and "sceenery" if it's a supermodel pic
lying on a beach... so you can then search for all images matching a
category mask... great for databasing large image collections.
* Hooks to "send image to gimp for editing" if gimp is installed, or
active etc.
* session management
* command line options other than files and directories (so -root works
just like xv etc. so ee can be a almot complete replacement for xv even
with the same command-line parameters

basically.. the stuff that needs Imlbi is probably much better left
till Imlib does it.. it's much cleaner that way. The other stuff,
well.. thats a free-for-all. Anyone who is bored and wants to make
Electric Eyes better... please do.

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