help with demo

I'm trying very hard to cook up a demo of what one could do if they had
all of the information from their pilot (names & adresses, phone
numbers, appointment times, etc.) in a format that could be reasoned
with by a logic programming system (Prolog).  I'm trying to build my
demo this way;

1) Get a Prolog-like-language interpreter that runs in Scheme.  I chose
schelog (

2) Get it to run in GUILE.

3) Extract a database from my Pilot.  Get these rules to run in the
Prolog-like-language in GUILE.

4) Make up some sample rules and queries.  These should range from
simple "all people whose first name is Mike." to "All possible schedules

without conflicts for the month of January."

5) Develop some quick and dirty demoish hacks to show how queries in a
logic programming system can be displayed graphically using GUILE/Gtk.

I'm presently stuck at 2).  It runs, but there are problems.  HELP!


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