RedHat 4.2 and installing GNOME

I have RedHat 4.2, and am wishing to install GNOME...
I have done all the updates I can think of, but when I d/l the guile,
giflib, and anything else, includeing imlib from the CVS at RedHat, I
try to install the RPMs, it tells me I need,, and, among many other things including /bin/sh...  I have
looked all over redhat's ftp for libc6, libm, and ld-linux2, and cannot
find anything remotely close.  I also cannot find an RPM of  /bin/sh  
to appease that request.  Could anyone who has 4.2 direct me to where to
get all the updates I need to install the required packages and libs for
GNOME to run.. 

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