Re: gnome-dialog widget

On 3 Apr 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:
> This looked reasonable to me, so I checked it in.

> In the future, please make ChangeLog entries describing what you did.
> The GNU Coding Standards have a useful section that says how to write
> them.
> I wrote a ChangeLog entry, though the one I made isn't really up to
> snuff in terms of listing all the changes.

Sure, I just read the section. Is ChangeLog generated by CVS or edited by

Here are some other changes which could affect library users:

        * gnome-messagebox.h (gnome_message_box_new): arguments are now
        declared const. 

        * gnome-messagebox.h, gnome-messagebox.c 
	moved defines for message box size from .h to .c, put defines 
	for button size/border into gnome-dialog.h and renamed them

> Yeah.  In particular it would be good if the gnome-propertybox used
> the new dialog code.

I can do this. I might also try to eliminate usages of
gnome_message_box_set_default, _set_modal so those can be deleted. 

Another potential source of inconsistency is gnome-actionarea. grep
reveals only one current user of this, the mailcheck applet, so it could
easily be modified to work with GnomeDialog's action_area instead of
GtkDialog's, or just removed, if no one is attached to it.
Havoc Pennington, dialog consistency maniac

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