Re: gnome-dialog widget

Havoc> Attached small tarball has a new GnomeDialog widget, which is
Havoc> just like GnomeMessageBox except it has an accessible vbox
Havoc> instead of only a label and can be set not to close when a
Havoc> button is clicked.

This looked reasonable to me, so I checked it in.

In the future, please make ChangeLog entries describing what you did.
The GNU Coding Standards have a useful section that says how to write

I wrote a ChangeLog entry, though the one I made isn't really up to
snuff in terms of listing all the changes.

Havoc> there is a lot of variety in the different libgnomeui
Havoc> dialogs. This might be a start toward making them consistent.

Yeah.  In particular it would be good if the gnome-propertybox used
the new dialog code.


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