Re: Guile Questions

Jay> 1) I can't get guile-gtk from CVS to compile.  It is looking for
Jay> a main.x file which isn't there.

This might mean you are using an old version of automake.  Which
version are you using ("automake --version")?  I believe you want 1.2f
or later.

You can get 1.2h at

Jay> 2) Does anyone know where I can get appropriate sources,
Jay> binaries, or rpms (in order of increasing desirability) to have a
Jay> guile-1.2 interpreter with readline support?

Jay> 3) Is there any reason I should be using the development version
Jay> of guile rather than 1.2?  (Maybe this answers 1 and 2.)

According to `guile --version', I'm using 1.2.  But I might actually
be using something from the Guile cvs repository -- my memory fails me
right now.

I don't know the answer about readline, sorry.  Try looking at the
guile web page.


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