Re: Panel compilation problems (and fix)

Nat> I updated my snapshot this morning and have managed build
Nat> gnome-core on FreeBSD (woohoo!).  I did find that panel/Makefile
Nat> tries to build logout_applet as a C application but some of its
Nat> components use C++ and so compilation aborts complaining that it
Nat> can't find ostream and a bunch of other things.

Thanks.  I checked in a fix.

Nat> I patched the Makefile to make it work (context diff below), but
Nat> this should be directly applicable to the in the
Nat> cvstree.

FYI the is not checked in.  The's are
automatically generated by automake from the files.  In
particular the piece of code you patched is automatically generated,
so a different change was needed.


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