Re: gnome_property_boxes

>          I need to make a properties dialog for aisleriot, my solitaire
>  game <* shameless plug - it has been much improved in the last 24 hours,
>  so check it out! (: *> and have gotten around to starting to write a
>  preferences dialog box for it.  I looked in the libgnomeui stuff to see
>  if someone had written this before.  All I found was the gnome_propert*
>  files.  However, these look to me to be only used for configuring the
>  desktop.  Is that what they are for, or are they meant to be more
>  general then that?  If we don't have something like that, do we want a
>  generic property dialog box for apps?  Is anyone doing this?

For that you should use the GnomePropertyBox widget.  There is an
example of using it in the stock_demo program.

Aisleriot kicks ass, btw :-)


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