gnome-keyring spice ssh-agent forward


I've been working on a prototype that allows to do agent forward
between a guest, using SPICE, and a spice client
The whole idea is to have something similar to "ssh -A guest", but
integrated with the desktop environment.

As a proof of concept I wrote a standalone ssh-agent that _unlink_ the
current running agent in the guest machine and creates its socket in
the same path used by the old agent. It works as you can see in these
small demo videos:

Now where the problem starts: doing this would break the desktop
integration with gnome-keyring (got as example gnome-keyring-daemon
--replace, that would overwrite my socket ...)

So, what would be the best approach to still have spice ssh-agent
working and do _not_ break gnome-keyring integration? How can it be
extended to others DEs (I really don't want a gnome specific solution
for this)?

For sure, what _must_ be implemented would be a way to talk to both
agents, the local one and the remote one, merging then the responses
and returning it to any application that talks to the agent. But how
to achieve this in a DE agnostic way?

These are the questions that I have and I am open to
suggestions/further discussions.

Best Regards,
Fabiano Fidêncio

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