gnome-keyring Using a predictable socket directory for

gnome-keyring-daemon creates various sockets (such as a ssh-agent
socket, gpg-agent etc...).

Now that most systems have $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR [1] support, I'll be
updating gnome-keyring-daemon to use that directly, rather than create a
randomly named subdirectory.

This way we can get away from using setting a $GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL
environment variable in the session. We'll also get predictable
$SSH_AUTH_SOCK and $GPG_AGENT_INFO variables, although for the time
being we'll still set them in the session environment.

This also means that by default only one gnome-keyring-daemon should be
running per-user. That's the case with lots of most other parts of
GNOME, and is really the only way to guarantee sane behavior.

The changes are here, and will be merged into git master shortly:

The $GNOME_KEYRING_PID will also be going away.

If you want the old behavior back, and want gnome-keyring-daemon to use
an alternate directory for sockets, start it with the
--control-directory=/my/favorite/directory option.




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