Re: gnome-keyring Using gkr for Kerberos/NTLM single-sign-on handling

On 04/26/11 19:01, David Woodhouse wrote:
> We need to move to the model that Windows uses, where you log in using
> your *local* password (which lets you unlock your home directory
> encryption and gnome-keyring, etc.), and then something *notices* that
> your local password no longer matches the network password and prompts
> you to enter your new network password.
> That "something" should almost certainly be part of gnome-keyring.

Certainly interesting, and could fit with gnome-keyring like you
suggested. I have the following initial questions:

 1. Besides coordination of the login password, what other parts
    functionally dependent on gnome-keyring?

 2. What software dependencies would this add to gnome-keyring?



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