Re: gnome-keyring ANNOUNCEMENT: 3.0.0

On 04/04/2011 03:10 PM, Tomas Bzatek wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-04-04 at 13:26 +0200, Stef Walter wrote:
>> Downloads:
>> ==========
>> Source code:
>> sha256:63bbe53031620d8514cf4ebd7705e2360d37679e785c4588f66b88f919e56c20
> Hey,
> just noticed that some patches I pushed to gnome-keyring git master in
> the late cycle are missing in the 3.0.0 tarball. Namely
> 2f6a7c049dfffed20e3f78e3f51a8cca8735f2d3 and
> 66bd5dd32836a770647b8acf3476fb7922be71eb.
> Fresh clone of git master is correct. Has something wrong gone during
> branching?

gnome-keyring-3.0.0 was released from the gnome-3-0 branch, as was
2.91.92 and 2.91.93.

Those two commits went onto master, and thought I mentioned that they
weren't committed to the gnome-3-0 branch... But maybe I wasn't clear
enough. Anyway since they both affect packagers and came at a pretty
late stage, at the time I didn't feel like pushing them into the
gnome-3-0 branch.

However that said, GNOME 3.0 has been a pretty unstable release process,
so maybe it wouldn't have been so bad to throw on a bit more instability :)



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