Re: copy / paste

On Wednesday 18 April 2001 23:36, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Espen Sand <espensa online no> writes:
> > Can anyone explain to me why I can still not copy/paste
> > text between gedit (using Gtk 1.2) and kedit (using Qt 2.2.4)
> > when using copy/paste from the menus. I am not thinking of
> > middle mouse button copy/paste.
> >
> > I assume both gedit and kedit (I know kedit does) use the
> > standard clipboard mechanism of the toolkit so where is
> > the showstopper located ?
> See:

Ok, the PRIMARY vs CLIPBOARD should explain it then.

> This is not really a GNOME/KDE issue, it's more of a
> long-time-confusion issue that lots of X apps get wrong.

Sure. I assumed Qt and Gtk did the same thing by now but 
that was wrong (arrg).

Espen Sand

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