Re: Integrating a Qt application with both desktops

Kurt Granroth <granroth kde org> writes: 
> There should be no license problems with ht:/dig... in fact, that is
> used to *replace* the common search engine -- glimpse.  glimpse, while
> being very easy to use, has license problems.

Oh, right. I'm thinking Glimpse.
> > It's still sort of wrong for different help browsers to come up
> > depending on which libs an app is written with - and you shouldn't
> > need to install the GNOME or KDE user environment just to display
> > help.
> Well, IMO, the help browser should be whichever is the help browser
> for the desktop currently being used.

That's the point I'm making - right now if you use KDE libs, help will
come up in the KDE browser, and if you use GNOME libs it will come up
in the GNOME browser. Instead the browser should be selected by the
user and all apps should use the same browser. One sane user selection
would be "match my current desktop." But users don't care what toolkit
the app was written with and don't want to hear that explanation for
why they have two different help browsers on their screen.


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