Re: Integrating a Qt application with both desktops

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Roberto Alsina <ralsina conectiva com ar> writes:
> > Easy: let's all use ht:/dig?
> I think we have some other thing that indexes DocBook (also perhaps
> there were license problems on ht:/dig - or if it's free software, I'm
> wrong about that). I'm not the person to ask about this.

There should be no license problems with ht:/dig... in fact, that is
used to *replace* the common search engine -- glimpse.  glimpse, while
being very easy to use, has license problems.

> It's still sort of wrong for different help browsers to come up
> depending on which libs an app is written with - and you shouldn't
> need to install the GNOME or KDE user environment just to display
> help.
Well, IMO, the help browser should be whichever is the help browser
for the desktop currently being used.
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