Can gnome apps run under kde?

Hello out there,

There seems to an awful lot of energy both in the gnome and in the kde
development groups. Since they are both headed in a similar direction it would
be very good if they could take advantage of each others efforts.

I am currently using kde Beta-3 as my standard desktop environment and I like
it pretty well, but I have also been following the gnome efforts with
interest. I have not yet tried the gnome programs. Is it possible to take a
single gnome program and run it under kde?

I have set up gtk and some other software I need for gnome, but gtk seems in a
rapid state of flux and I don't have the latest version yet. I have 0.99.3 and
think I am waiting for 1.0.

I have been programming for many years, but have only made minor contributions
to the linux efforts. I would like to find time to do something more
substantial, but most of my programming efforts are devoted to earning money
right now.

Let's get this list going!

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