Re: Issue 19 (Multimedia) Planning

I'll ping/smack Lennart again.

re: gstreamer.. the video hackfest stuff was pretty interesting, I think is some good stuff there that we could get from there.  


On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 6:04 AM, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
Good morning GNOME Journal team!

With Issue 18 out the door, it's time to start thinking about our next issue.

Jim & I talked briefly in IRC Monday and I wanted to recap that conversation and next steps.

We'd still like to do a Multimedia themed issue, especially as we have two articles already done!

Tentatively we have the following articles in the queue:

* Pitivi (done)
* Writing Multimedia applications in Vala (done)
* Banshee (Zonker)
* Behind the Scenes with Lennart (tentative depending if he responds to the questions which were sent a while back)
* Interview with Gstreamer Developers

Non-multimedia related, but I think it's important to continue to have 1-2 GNOME 3.0 related articles each issue:

* Interview with the Release Team
* Boston Summit Recap

For detailed information, including authors, please see

We'd like to receive articles by Jan. 5th for publishing Jan. 15th.  This is either really good or really bad with the holidays - authors might have extra time to work on them with holiday breaks or be busy with the holidays, so we'd like your feedback. 

Please let us know your thoughts as we plan the next issue!



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