Issue #14 update

Good morning GNOME Journal team!

Just a brief update on where we are for Issue 14:

* 5 of 6 articles received (Jim's Letter to the Editor to be completed tonight)


* Stormy interview edited 100%
* GNOME Asia Recap edited 50%
* Gourmet Recipe Manager edited 80%
* Notifications - 20% - I need help with this article, specifically
the code samples.  I'd just like a second pair of eyes to review Ken's
code samples (just in case).
* Gconf - Jorge editing.  (Jorge - can you have edits in by Saturday?)

I hope to have the majority of the articles to Jim this week for final
review, and start adding them to TextPattern this weekend.  I am
traveling next week Mon - Wed (April 27-29th), which would give me a
day or two after I return to finalize them in TextPattern before we
publish on May 1st.  If anyone wants to help getting the articles
formatted in Textile and up on TextPattern, please let me or Jim know
and we'll make sure you have an account.

I also plan to do a call for articles immediately following publishing
Issue 14.  This would be about 10 weeks out from the next release
(July 15th).  I'm feeling pretty good about Issue 15 - Sri has some
article ideas, Natan mentioned possibly writing an article on GNOME
Zeitgeist, and Owen has agreed to a Behind the Scenes interview, with
a specific focus on GNOME Shell.

For those of you blog or microblog, I'd like to ask that you do so for
both the Issue 14 release and call for articles - especially if you
are Planet GNOME!

I don't have any updates on migrating GNOME Journal to Wordpress.  We
have a blocker on the side, and I'm hoping the new
GNOME Sysadmin team being put together will be able to address our
needs in the near future.  I have been chatting with Josh Adams
regarding the theme work, and he has some ideas on that front.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work - we're getting close!


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