Re: Next edition

There are some other ideas as well:

Development related:
* Vala article
* Clutter article
* Webkit
* Project Ridley

* Gourmet Recipe Manager
* Gramps and/or GWintree genealogy match up
* Any other cool applications out there?

I think we should be concentrating some effort on applications that are
innovative and exciting.  It would help motivate developers.

We should actively try to find people who can write these articles.
I've been burned out a bit since I've been writing 2-3 papers a week and
I'm sick of writing. :-)  I'd like to pull off a release this month if
we are able.  What do you guys think?  Can we make an effort to do this?
I'll be free for the rest of this month after tomorrow.  While I could
write articles it would be kind of wierd to have a release of only
articles written by me.  

Also see if we can find what other things people are doing around the
GNOME neighborhood I'm sure there is some interesting stuff that is
below the radar.


On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 10:36 -0600, Paul Cutler wrote:
> Hi all!  We have a GNOME release next month, which got me to thinking
> of when our next GNOME Journal release was coming.
> The list has been quiet lately, but looking through the archives, we
> had a couple of article ideas back in December:
> Thomas McMahon:  Pimlico Suite
> Natan Yellin:  Gconf
> Ken VanDine: PackageKit
> Are there any updates on these potential articles for GNOME Journal?
> A couple of other brainstorming ideas I had for articles, though we
> would need volunteers to write them:
> GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility
> (  (Maybe an interview
> with Behdad?)
> Lucas Rocha: GNOME Annual Report (Are there any articles we from the
> Annual Report we could convert to GNOME Journal articles?
> (
> Recent FOSDEM talks that might be interesting articles:
> Alp Toker:  WebKit development (Slides:
> / Overview:
> )
> Ken VanDine: GNOME DevKit
> (
> As I work with Ken on Foresight, I know he's pretty tasked trying to
> release Foresight 2.0 at the moment.  I thought maybe I could
> interview Richard Hughes on PackageKit instead of an article, or do a
> Behind the Scenes feature with him.  Or does anyone have a
> recommendations for another developer for Behind the Scenes?  We
> haven't done one since August '06.
> I just wanted to kick start the discussion - when do we want to
> publish, and what other ideas do people have?
> Paul
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