Propositions for articles/ideas


I'd like to propose three ideas for GNOME Journal. Let me know if you
think they're interesting and if it's okay to have this in the next

  + have an editorial-like column. However, this would be written by
    some people proposing an editorial. The idea is really to make it
    easy to submit some thoughts about GNOME. It's already possible to
    do this by submitting an article, however people don't think about
    it this way. I'd be interested to send some propositions for such
    a column ;-)

  + create a "How I got there?" regular section. The idea here would be
    to let people explain how they got involved in GNOME, what they
    found hard/easy, what they love/hate, etc. There's already a good
    candidate for a first article (Joachim, who's been rocking on the
    docs) :-)
    This would be an interesting complement to the current "Behind the
    scenes" section, and it would help newcomers know how they can start
    contributing. Also, it will help the GNOME community understand some
    existing barriers.

  + extend the feedback idea I read about somewhere. This would be a
    "Letter to the journal" section, where people could send some
    positive/negative feedback about GNOME in general (and not only
    GNOME Journal). We could then ask someone who knows about the
    commented stuff to write a small answer. Eg, someone writes to
    say that the file chooser could really be better (in an argumented
    way) and we ask Federico to write a small answer.
    We would need to announce this in an issue to get things started.

What do you think about all this?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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