Re: [gnome-it] gnome-logs - italian lang .po

Hi Daniele and gnome-it-list

On 2013-10-23 00:13, Daniele Medri <dmedri gmail com> wrote:
days ago, I made a pull request on github for gnome-logs.
There is my it.po file with it.

just my cents

Thanks for the translation! For reference, a link to a diff is:

Unfortunately, the GNOME repositories on github are mirrors of the upstream source at, and are often not monitored by project maintainers, so I did not notice your pull request, sorry.

I had a look at the commit and it seems fine to me (with no knowledge of Italian!), but GNOME translations are co-ordinated with the team for a particular language. I have added the Italian team mailing list to the Cc field, so please follow up on that mailing list so that your translation can be reviewed and added to gnome-logs.


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