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Hi folks, I hope you are doing well!

For context: besides being a GNOME foundation member, I am also a founder and organizer of the BOSS (Big Open Source Sibling) project - which was the winning project for the GNOME's Community Engagement Challenge.

  1. I used to have access to the GNOME's Big Blue Button instance using my foundation account, but now I see a message "You do not have access to this application. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your administrator." when I try to log in. I thought that maybe my password wasn't working or something, so I changed it at and went to too to reset it, but now BBB accuses that my password is wrong and when I try the old password I see the same message that I don't have access to BBB. Is it possible that I have the access to BBB back?

  2. If I can have the BBB access back, and if I can ask something more, can we have access to the live streaming feature? In our BOSS lessons, we live stream to our Youtube channel because we must create content that is public so that anyone can learn and ask questions on the chat even if they are not our mentee, and because sometimes our mentees need to watch the lessons again or can't be in a specific meeting and can watch later.

Thanks in advance and we deeply appreciate the support that GNOME has been giving to our project!

/cc @averi

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