Infrastructure | Deploy on trigger for DL and pre-production instance (#606)

Title: GitLab

Guillaume Bernard created an issue: #606


For Damned Lies, I encountered an issue with automatic deployment in production (which I ignored) when pushing commits on master.

Is it possible to reverse this behavior and let, for instance, the Gitlab CI pipeline trigger the deployment? This would prevent from unwanted deployments. This implies excluding pipelines on commits coming from DL (to avoid overload − po file submissions should not break the code).

With the same idea, is it possible to have a pre-production instance, where we could deploy in development changes for DL and let users validate (or not) them? I mean I will have a lot of work updating the current theme (migrating to a newer version of Bootstrap for instance) , fixing UX/UI issues opened by users, and a pre-production instance would let them being able to validate current changes before being deployed to


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